2017 Focus Areas

In February, Mayor Brian Arrigo laid out a number of key focus areas for Revere in 2017 in his State of the City Address. Over the next two months, he will give more detail about significant accomplishments for the City of Revere in 2016 and key initiatives for the year ahead. These articles will be posted here:

8/23/2017:Improving Resident Parking
3/30/2017:Investing in Revere’s Future
3/22/2017:Focusing on the Fundamentals: Data-Driven Infrastructure Repair
3/8/2017:Building Revere’s 21st Century Economy
3/1/2017:A Professional, Accountable City Hall
2/22/2017:Continuing to Tackle the Opioid Crisis
2/15/2017:Using Technology To Improve Your Quality of Life