WATER- The primary mission of the Water Division is to provide maintenance and repair to the infrastructure which distributes our water, such as drainage and piping. This department is committed to strengthening the health and vitality of our region’s water supply by improving the quality and distribution of it. 

SEWAGE- The Sewage Division is equipped with the necessary workforce and materials to provide routine cleanings of the City’s sewers to reduce the potential for blockages and damages to private and public property.  Sewage treatment is the crucial process of removing contaminants, water-waste, and household sewage to produce an environmentally safe waste system. This department’s operations are a part of an integral maintenance system delegated by the department of public works.

To learn of operations carried out by these departments visit online at http://www.revere.org/departments/water-and-sewer, call 781-286-8149.

Water and Sewage Billing Division - The Water and Sewage Billing office conducts operations to inform residents of rates and to provide them with cost-efficient water saving devices. To view residential water rates or to find more information visit this department online at http://www.revere.org/departments/water-and-sewer, call 781-286-8145, or visit their office in City Hall.