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Covid-19 Rental Assistance Program:
Fall 2020 Round 2

Mayor Brian Arrigo has committed $1 million in federal funds to assist with rental assistance for Revere residents who are at risk of eviction or homelessness due to inability to pay rent.

The city is reopening the Rental Assistance Application.

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The City is pleased to partner with one of the great regional housing nonprofits, Metro Housing Boston, in administering this program. Metro has decades of experience, and each year administers hundreds of millions of dollars of housing programs in the Greater Boston Area.

The first round was completed by lottery on July 16. You can send an email if you have yet to hear about the results of that lottery.  


Eligible Residents

  • Rent a home in the City of Revere as of March 15, 2020.
  • The Household must be at risk of eviction or homelessness due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Pre-Covid Household income must be at or under 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).
    • $63,500 for family of 1
    • $72,550 for family of 2
    • $81,600 for family of 3
    • $90,650 for family of 4
    • $97,950 for family of 5
    • $105,200 for family of 6
  • The Household must have no other means of covering the costs requested.
  • The Household does not currently receive a rental subsidy, including RAFT.
  • The Household does not have savings or other resources to meet this need.

Application Process

Apply Here Aplicación en español

Applicants must provide valid contact information for follow-up information and documentation.

  • Eligible applicants who complete the documentation will be helped until available funds are exhausted.
  • Eligible applicants will be contacted after the initial application and asked to complete a more comprehensive application and provide certain documentation (no information around immigration status will be requested).

    • Photo ID for Head of Household
    • Copy of lease, tenancy agreement, or tenancy at will agreement
    • Certify income pre-covid and post-covid
    • Documentation of unemployment application
    • Applicants must show ongoing evidence of lack of income after the first month.

Apply Here Aplicación en español

Previous Applicants

If you applied previously, Metro Housing Boston may have already tried to reach you. Visit this page to see the documentation, complete application, and details to complete this process. 


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