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Glen DeRosa, Director
(781) 286-8140

Assistant to MIS Director:
Vedran Skero - City


M.I.S. provides data processing support, planning and coordination to every department of the City. Usually not in direct contact with the public, M.I.S. is nonetheless involved, in one way or another, with almost every major activity of the City. Within available resources, M.I.S. must ensure that all City employees have access to the data needed to perform their duties in an efficient manner.

As an agent of change, M.I.S. is involved with a variety of projects using new technology. These range from Office Automation systems to Accounting systems, from various Billing systems to Geographical Information systems, from Web-based systems to PC and network systems. Quite a complex array of machines and software!

The following excerpts (from a proposed City ordinance establishing the M.I.S. department) detail the responsibilities of the Department:

"Data processing includes, without limitation, office automation systems, information systems, database management, networking, electronic data communication and other collection, organization, transmission and storage of electronic information."

M.I.S. "shall be responsible for integrating City-wide data processing into one coherent network and information system.

"Such information system shall be for the use of any department, office, board, committee or agency of the City.

M.I.S. "shall be responsible for planning, organizing and controlling overall activities of management information systems, including systems analysis, programming and computer operation activities…and the establishment of data processing procedures and methods.

M.I.S. "shall maintain continuous control over policies and procedures, priorities and methods.

The proposed Ordinance further describes the Functions of the department:

  • "Plan, organize and implement an integrated Information System for the City.
  • Provide programs or systems for the collection, processing, storage, retrieval and sharing of information for use by all departments or agencies of the City.
  • Coordinate, through advice, counsel or establishment of procedures and methods, the non-educational data processing operations of any other department of the City.
  • Advise on data processing matters, including the review, analysis, evaluation and recommendation of proposed data processing applications or equipment acquisitions.
  • Establish any data processing standard deemed necessary.
  • Maintain and safeguard data, information, programs and equipment of the department."


Neither the Director nor any other employee of the M.I.S. department shall release any information or data collected, processed or accessed by the department.

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