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Ben DeChristoforo, Inspector of Buildings


Our mission is to ensure the safety and welfare of the general public by enforcing all state and local codes and all applicable ordinances.

Building Department Employees

Richard Dicks, Local Building Inspector
Louis N. Cavagnaro, Local Building Inspector
Pat DeMarco, Code Consultant
Matteo Fabiano, Electrical Inspector
Mark Locke, Plumbing Inspector
Valerie Moscone, Principal Clerk

40U Ordinance Information

Please click here for new Ch. 40U ordinance information.
Please click here for FAQs regarding trash ordinances.



New Site Plan Review Submission Process for Construction Projects or Additions Exceeding 1,000':

The Site Plan Review Committee meets every (excluding holidays) Tuesday morning at 10AM in the Building Department Conference Room to review applications and proposed projects.   We request a Project Informational Sheet for all new construction projects or additions exceeding 1,000 square feet be submitted no later than 4PM on the Wednesday preceding the next regularly scheduled Site Plan Review Committee meeting.

Project Informational Submission Form: Click Here

Project Informational Sheets can be emailed to: