Rental Units  ~ Vacant Unit Inspections Are Required

Per City Ordinance, all vacant dwelling units in the City of Revere must be inspected, approved for human occupancy, and be issued a Certificate of Fitness before they may be occupied for residential purposes.

Inspections can be scheduled during regular business hours by calling the Housing Inspector, Ricci LaCentra, at the Revere Board of Health: 781-286-8176.

  • The Certificate of Fitness fee is $50.00
  • Rental Units must be completely vacant for inspection purposes
  • Re-Inspections may be subject to an additional fee
  • Property owners who rent their vacant units without obtaining a Certificate of Fitness may be fined $20 per day, for each day the tenant has resided therein

State Sanitary Code: Minimum Standards for Human Habitation

The state sanitary code can be found at 105 CMR §§ 410.000 Residential dwellings must be equipped, at a minimum, with:

  • Kitchen facilities, including a sink, a working stove and oven and space for a refrigerator
  • Washbasins, toilets and a bathtub/shower in a room not used for living, sleeping, cooking or eating
  • Potable water of sufficient quantity and pressure for ordinary use and hot water (110°-130°F)
  • Heating facilities capable of maintaining interior temperatures of at least 68° during the day and not less than 64° overnight
  • Light fixtures in common hallways, passageways and stairways
  • Carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors
  • Electricity, gas and water service