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Nicholas Catinazzo, Director of Municipal Inspections

Epermitting is Live in the Health Department

You can apply for Bulky Item Pickup and Yard Sale Permits at CitizenServe. Bilingual Instructions are attached


The Revere Health Department is committed to protecting the health and wellness of the person, community and environment by providing inspections to ensure the best quality of living available. We strive to promote healthy behavior for continued wellness with surveillance, health and vaccine clinics, public service announcements and communication throughout the city.


Board of Health Members:


Dr. Eric Weil
John L. Benecchi
Kim Hanton


Health Department Employees

Colleen Argenzio, Assistant to the Director
Noreen Cristiano, Administrative Assistant 
Anthony D'Agosta, Chief Food Inspector
Ricci LaCentra, Housing Inspector
Robert Tenaglia, Sanitary Inspector
Frank Scalfani, Sanitary Inspector
Michael Wells, Sanitary Inspector
Joseph Habeeb, Sanitary Inspector
Linda Redding, Asst. Coordinator MEOP, Principal Clerk

Carol Donovan, Public Health Nurse, Coordinator of MEOP & Supervisor of School Nurses

Stefanie Fabiano, Whelan School Nurse
Nicole Wilson, Susan B. Anthony Middle School Nurse
Angela Ciccolo, Revere High School Nurse
Rachel Christopher, Abraham Lincoln School Nurse
Risa Ferrara, Garfield Elementary School Nurse
Mary Desmond, Revere High School Nurse
Jenifer Hatch, Revere High School Nurse
Jessica Gagnon, Garfield Middle School Nurse
Patricia Carmona, Paul Revere School Nurse
Connie Gannon, Hill School Nurse
Bridget Dionne, Rumney Marsh Academy School Nurse
Adrienne Maguire, Beachmont/Seacoast School Nurse
Marina Stasio, Float Nurse


40U Ordinance Information

Please click here for new Ch. 40U ordinance information.


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