Integrated Pest Management/Rodent Control

The advanced Rodent Control program is coming up on it's one year anniversary. Rodent calls are down substantially, even as rodent control activity remains ongoing. 



Call or email 3-1-1 with any information you may have about rodents in your neighborhood. Read below to see more about how you can participate in this important program. 

You can request a rodent control exterminator for the EXTERIOR of your home through the Mayor’s 311 Constituent Service Center (also available through the Revere311 Mobile App, or you can email

The City of Revere must have a copy of your completed and signed Rodent Control waiver.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Have you completed, signed and uploaded or emailed the City a Rodent Control waiver (property owners and managers only)?
  • Where did you see rodents, on your property, or off your property?
  • Do you notice holes or burrows on your property that could be housing rodents?
  • Is there a dog on the premises? 
  • Do you have a locked gate?

Please do not send us a waiver to check your property if you have not seen evidence of rodents at your address. 

Approach to Rodent Extermination

The City of Revere will be tackling the rat problem in Revere through a multi-pronged approach. Read Mayor Arrigo’s op-ed on the City’s more aggressive plan in addressing the rat problem.

The revised approach includes:

  • Extermination of burrows and baiting for any properties where we have received a Waiver from a property owner or manager.
  • Increased information and awareness to the public about what attracts rats.
  • Increased funding for rat control.
  • New trash program including large closable trash carts.
  • Increased enforcement of trash and overgrowth regulations.

Rodent Policy

The City of Revere is implementing one of the most aggressive rodent control actions of any area municipality. This policy requires significant cooperation from residents. The City simply cannot fight this on its own. It requires all of us working together, to improve the health, wellness and safety of our families.

What follows lays out the plans for what role the City is taking on to fighting this growing regional issue, and what responsibilities the City is expecting to put on its residents.

City Role on Private Property

The City has hired professional exterminators to respond to complaints of rodents from residents over the course of the next year. Property owners and managers who contact 3-1-1 and supply a signed waiver will have their property inspected by an exterminator within 14 days.

Note that the City is not able to guarantee that exterminators will contact property owners prior to inspection. Information that the public should supply the City via 3-1-1 call, web or mobile request:

  • If you have seen evidence in your yard of rodent activity, please describe what you have seen.
  • Do you have pets or children that access your yard.
  • If you know of specific areas where there are holes in the ground that might be from rodents, please describe where you have seen them.

Inspectors and/or Exterminators will notify you when they have visited your property.

If Burrows are Found

If rodent burrows are located on the property, exterminators will use products approved by the State and the EPA for extermination of rodents. If burrows to a single nest are located on multiple properties, exterminators will attempt to contact neighbors and get signed waivers, so that all burrows to a nest can be eliminated at one time. This is an important step for success.

Within one month of any burrow treatment, exterminators will return to the property one time. If burrows are found to have been reopened, suggesting that rodents have returned, exterminators will treat those burrows a second time.

For each treatment, exterminators will leave a note at the door of the residence informing them of what actions were taken.

City-hired exterminators will not return to a property a 3rd time prior to June, 2019.

Note that additional burrow treatments after a 2nd treatment will be the responsibility of the property owner, and the City will enforce rodent harborage ordinances if reported.

If Burrows Are Not Found

Exterminators will thoroughly examine properties for burrows if there is a waiver on file. If no burrows are found, exterminators will seek other evidence of rodent activity, such as rodent droppings, rub marks or footprints. If evidence is found, exterminators will leave a locked bait box with rodent bait. Exterminators will check bait box locations up to 3 times over the course of this contract, and refill as needed. Exterminator will leave a note on the property door explaining what actions have been taken.

If no evidence of rodent activity is found, exterminator will leave a note on the property door explaining what was searched.

City Role on Public Property

Exterminators will inspect the areas outside of public buildings, and will walk through public parks, fields and playgrounds, to check for rodents. If any burrows are found and treated, exterminators will leave flags at treatment sites as notification for users.

Exterminators will also periodically inspect certain city-owned vacant lots, and treat as needed.

Resident Expectations

The City of Revere is providing a free service — one that is well beyond what it has ever provided previously, and beyond what other cities and towns provide. Residents must take actions to help prevent and eliminate rodents, or this effort will be undermined.

  • If you see rodents in your yard, sign a waiver, and submit it to the Revere 311 office by emailing, using, or using the Revere311 Mobile App.
  • If you see rodents in your neighbor’s yard, or activity that you think must be dealt with, talk with your neighbors about signing and sending in a waiver, and encourage them to contact 311 for an inspection.
  • Maintain a clean garbage and recycling area, to eliminate any food and water sources for rodents.
  • When putting trash and recycling out for collection all trash barrels should be sealed closed, and no trash bags should be placed on the ground.
  • Report rodent activity on public land to 311.
  • If rodents return to your property after more than two City treatments, it will be the responsibility of property owners to continue extermination activities, or rodent harborage ordinances may be utilized to enforce improved rodent control. Fines can range from $25 up to $490 per violation for failure to prevent rodents on a property.
  • This policy is for small property owners only. Commercial and large residential properties (5+ units) are responsible for rodent control on their properties.

Exterminator Expectations

  • Exterminator will have rodent control specialists in the city on a weekly basis for the duration of the contract (until the financial upset limit is reached, or by June 31, 2019), when weather conditions permit.
  • Revere 311 will provide a weekly list of properties for exterminator to visit, based on constituent reports. Most likely that list will be provided each Monday morning.
  • Exterminator will leave information at each visited private residence briefly summarizing what was found and done at the property. Exterminator will take a photograph of that completed flyer and provide a copy to Revere311 for record keeping.
  • Exterminator will place a flag at the location of any public burrow exterminated.
  • Exterminator will provide weekly data.
  • Exterminator will communicate with Revere311 if weather conditions will not allow for activity at any point during the contract period.
  • Exterminator will provide a monthly budget update.
  • Revere city officials reserve the right to reprioritize work depending on what is learned from ongoing data and budget results.
  • Failure to abide by the terms above may constitute a breach of contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the rat extermination program taking place?

This program is funded through June, 2019.

Q: How will I know if an exterminator has been by my property?

An exterminator will leave a flyer on your door with information about what work they have done.

Q: How will I know if rat burrows have been found on my property?

You will be notified by an exterminator that activity was found on your property. If you haven't already signed a waiver, you will be asked to do so in order for extermination to go forward.

Q: If rat burrows are found on my property, how will I know what was used to kill them?

After a waiver is signed, exterminators will post notification. Lists of materials used will be recorded on the posting. EPA registrations and link to a material safety data sheet will also be recorded on the posting.

Q: Will I need to keep pets or children out of the area for a period of time after extermination? If so, for how long?

Children and pets will need to be out of area during time of treatment. The materials will be applied directly into burrows and than burrows will be closed in. Children and pets should be kept from digging in these areas. There are no restrictions on reentry times.

Q: Will rats be tracking any of these poisons around the neighborhood?

No, the materials will be placed underground into burrows and rats will not be relocating them.

Q: What follow-up happens after a burrow or nest has been exterminated?

Exterminators will be back within the next 2 or 3 weeks to confirm that there has been no additional activity at an exterminated burrow. Any dead rats found at this time will be removed.

Q: What should I do if I see a live rat after extermination?

Use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 to provide a report.

Q: What should I do if I see a dead rat after extermination?

Use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 to provide a report. You can also dispose of them in your trash.

Q: What number should I call if I have additional questions?

Call 3-1-1 (781-286-8311).

Q: Can I get a bait box?

The City’s Health Department does offer a one-time inspection and baiting of properties, separate from this program. If additional baiting will be necessary, that will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Q: What do I do if I see rats in my neighbor’s yard?

Use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 to provide a report.

Q: I see trash bags on the street. What can I do?

Use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 to provide a report.

Q: What are the laws about putting out trash that are related to rat issues?

Trash bags may not be placed on the ground, with the exception of the rat-retrictive MintX bags.

Q: What are the laws about maintaining yards that are related to rat issues?

Yards are required to be kept in good condition. Overgrown lawns, yards and vegetation areas are subject to possible citation from Revere Health Inspectors.

Q: What do I do if I see a rat on public property?

Use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 to provide a report.

Q: What are the next steps after this extermination program?

You will see increased educational information, enhanced enforcement efforts, and the beginnings of the plan for the new trash program.

Q: What can residents do to help?

Use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 to provide any reports of activity that you see that may be connected to rats.

Q: Can I sign a waiver if I’m a renter?

You cannot. However, if you know you have rat burrows on your property, you can contact your landlord and send them a copy of the waiver form. You can also send the contact information of your landlord to

Q: Who is the rat exterminator in my neighborhood?

The City has hired two companies. 


Was your question not listed here? If not, you can use the Revere311 app,, or call 3-1-1 (781-286-8311) if you additional questions.