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Behind St. Anthony's Church, 250 Revere St. Hours and details

Community Playground Builds

Lincoln School Playground Ribbon Cutting

Revere on the Move has renovated 8 playgrounds through community-builds which bring together resident volunteers and city staff to transform play spaces over a weekend.

  1. Costa Park, Shirley Avenue - in partnership with Kaboom!, Jet Blue, and The Neighborhood Developers
  2. DiSalvo Park, Ciarlone Tot Lot, 107 Newhall Street
  3. Louis Pasteur Park, Endicott Avenue
  4. Frederick's Park, 15 Everard Street
  5. Curtis Park, 186 Garfield Avenue - in partnership with Kaboom! and Target
  6. Oak Island Park, Dashwood Street
  7. Lincoln School, 68 Tuckerman Street
  8. Harmon Park, Salem Street, North Revere - Salem St.
  9. Gibson Park, Point of Pines 

Fredrick's Park

Adult outdoor elliptical equipment is available at Sonny Myers Park, 120 Beach Street

Sonny Myers elliptical equipment