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Register to Vote

You can register to vote online, by US Mail, or in person at Revere City Hall.

You must be a United States citizen and a resident of Massachusetts to vote. You have to be 18 on or before Election Day. If you are 18 after the deadline but before Election Day, you can register to vote. You still need to register by the deadline. Additionally, any Massachusetts citizen sixteen (16) years of age can preregister.

If you moved within Revere, or moved to the city from another part of the state, you will have to re-register with your new address. There is no residency waiting period in Massachusetts. You can register as soon as you move to your new address.

The state online system is the easiest way to register. You can register to vote, make changes to your contact information, and change your party status. Visit the state’s voter registration website using the link below. You will need a valid driver’s license, a learner’s permit or State ID, and a signature on file with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

If you do not have an ID, you can fill out the form online and mail it in.

You must register 20 days before all primaries and general elections. The deadline also applies to when you change your address or political party.

hrough the Motor Voter Law, residents may register to vote in person or make changes to their voter registration information at any City/Town Hall in the Commonwealth, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, at any State Agency or by mail. If you would like us to send you a Mail-In Registration form, a Change of Party Card, or a Change of Address Card to be completed at your convenience, please call our office at (781) 286-8200.

Using the Patriot Properties or GIS link below registrants are encouraged to check their home address for accuracy prior to completing the voter registration application.

Revere Patriot Properties

Revere Geographic Information System (GIS)

You have to vote at the place determined by the address recognized by Revere Assessor's Database. After you register, you will get a notice with the address for where you will go to vote. You can check your voting location online using the link below. Make sure you are registered to vote at the address you are looking up.

You can learn more about the state’s voter registration system, or get downloadable registration forms in a wide variety of languages at: