Next Stop Revere: Master Plan

Information about Next Stop Revere, a community-based comprehensive planning process launched in January 2019, can be found below. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis. Please be sure to check this page, the City of Revere event calendar, and the City of Revere Facebook page for ongoing updates and opportunities to be involved.

Master Plan Overview

The City of Revere is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to develop a comprehensive Master Plan to guide Revere into the future.

A Master Plan is a policy guide that provides a framework for the physical development of a municipality. It tells a community what it looks like today and in what direction it wants to go in the future. It includes assessments of existing resources and issues, projections of future conditions and needs, and consideration of collective goals and desires.

While the emphasis is on buildings and infrastructure, it does not ignore the important social, natural resource and economic values of the community. The plan is a method of translating the community’s values into specific actions over a period of 10-20 years. The Master Plan is not a zoning bylaw, a subdivision regulation, a budget, a capital improvement program, or other regulatory document. It is meant to provide the framework for the development of these plan implementation tools.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I expect during the Master Planning process?

A master plan is a strategic framework that guides the future physical and economic development of a city based on the community’s vision and goals. Developing a master plan is more than just researching and writing a report. It is an open, public process through which the people of the community decide priorities to guide future growth and development. Through the process, city residents, business owners, city boards, and city committees talk to each other, listen to each other, and bring their visions for the city into alignment to produce a shared set of goals.


What topics will be addressed in the Master Plan?

While the community process will surface many issues of interest to Revere residents and other stakeholders, the written document will be structured along the following issue areas:

Economic Development
Open Space and Recreation
Historic and Cultural Resources
Public Facilities and Services
Transportation and Mobility
Public Health
Climate, Sustainability and Energy
Land Use and Zoning
Plan Implementation


What is involved in producing a Master Plan?

Following MAPC's inventory and analysis of existing conditions across the City, Revere's comprehensive planning effort will include an approximately six-month community engagement process that will inform the drafting of the Plan document. Residents and other community stakeholders will have opportunities to participate through public forums, online surveys, focus groups, interviews, and outreach from Plan staff from both MAPC and the City of Revere.

Once completed, the draft Plan will be made available for public comment before it is finalized and presented to the Planning Board for approval. This process is expected to take roughly one year to complete.


When did Revere last complete a Master Plan?

The last time Revere completed a comprehensive planning process was in 1971, which resulted in a Master Plan document authored for the City of Revere by Nash-Vigier, Inc. Prior to the 1971 document, Revere had last completed a Master Plan in 1958.

More recently, in 2015, the City of Revere launched a planning initiative called Plan Revere. Though this initiative was never completed and did not result in a comprehensive plan document, it included stakeholder engagement as detailed in the links below:


How can I be involved?

As a community-based effort, the participation of community members is paramount to the success of Next Stop Revere throughout the visioning, plan development, and implementation stages. More opportunities will be posted here once they are available; please also monitor the City of Revere's social media accounts for such announcements.


Project Team

Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of Greater Boston. Its mission is to promote smart growth and regional collaboration.

For more than 50 years, MAPC has been helping Greater Boston cities and towns realize their visions for the future. MAPC works to realize aspirations for cities and towns, seeking out ideas from a full range of voices in each community. MAPC makes things clear: data, demographics, tradeoffs, costs, market realities. Working as partners with municipalities, MAPC’s experienced planners develop recommendations. The Master Plan will be a real, implementable reflection of what the community wants, to help determine its future.

MAPC's project managers for Next Stop Revere are Ralph Willmer, Principal Planner and Technical Assistance (TAP) Program Manager, and Betsy Cowan, Chief of Economic Development. Additional staff from MAPC, including a Community Engagement Specialist, are also involved in this effort.

MAPC's primary project contacts for Next Stop Revere can be reached as follows:

Betsy Cowan, Chief of Economic Development (
Ralph Willmer, Principal Planner (

For more information about MAPC, visit

Master Plan Steering Committee

The Next Stop Revere Steering Committee works closely with MAPC and the City's Office of Strategic Planning and Economic Development in providing oversight and guidance into the visioning and planning process. The Steering Committee is appointed by the Mayor and is tasked with important advisory, outreach, and implementation roles for Next Stop Revere.

Office of Strategic Planning and Economic Development

The City's planning department provides the core project management role for Next Stop Revere, including coordination with the Steering Committee, MAPC, City departments, community stakeholders, and residents.

The City's primary project contacts for Next Stop Revere can be reached as follows:

Tech Leng, City Planner, Office of Strategic Planning and Economic Development (
Nick Romano, Aide to the Mayor, Office of Mayor Brian M. Arrigo (

Plan Documents

Please check back here regularly for updates.

January 15, 2019
Public Forum & Kickoff