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Mayor Rizzo has formed three advisory groups in order to create a voice for public input during the decision making process. If you have ideas or would like to get involved with any of these groups please email

Office of New Revere Residents (ONRR)

Revere is one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Massachusetts, with particular growth within minority and immigrant communities. We are proud of the fact that people are continuing to choose Revere as a destination to live, work and raise a family.

The Office of New Revere Residents' goal is to educate new citizens on educational, employment, and housing opportunities. Currently the administration is working to engage with leaders and residents from various immigrant groups to hear and document their concerns, gather information related to model policies, and develop a plan to establish an Office of New Revere Residents.

Revere Neighborhood Advisory Committee (RNAC)

The mission of The Revere Neighborhood Advisory Council (RNAC) is to represent the interests of Revere’s diverse neighborhoods in the development and implementation of governmental policies that impact the quality of life for our residents.

RNAC is an advisory group to the Mayor, and his administration, on matters that affect citizen’s welfare. RNAC provides feedback to the Mayor and administration regarding concerns and perceived impacts of decision making upon the neighborhoods. Membership within RNAC shall consists of six members appointed by the Mayor, whose terms will expire in two years.

Broadway Advisory Council (BAC)

Mayor Rizzo campaigned on a promise to change the face of Broadway through a well thought out, community guided revitalization process. In order to make certain the business community along Revere’s central business district has a voice in the process, the Mayor has established a Broadway Advisory Council (BAC) to offer input and advice with respect to this important project.

Mayor Rizzo’s proposed development plan will preserve the historic character of the area while making large-scale aesthetic improvements, creating a robust commercial center that is inviting for residents and local business owners.