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Name Position Department Work Phone
City Hall City Hall Mayor 781-286-8100
Assessor Assessor Assessor 781-286-8170
Collector Collector Collector 781-286-8120
Auditor Auditor Auditor 781-286-8131
Benefits Benefits Benefits 781-286-8202
Building Building Building Department 781-286-8197
Clerk Clerk Clerk 781-286-8160
Conservation Conservation Conservation Comission 781-286-8181
Consumer Consumer Consumer 781-286-8114
DPW DPW Department of Public Works 781-286-8149
Director of Finance Director of Finance Director of Finance 781-286-8136
Disability Disability Disability 781-286-8267
Elders Elders Elders 781-286-8155
Election Election Election 781-286-8200
Engineering Engineering Engineering 781-286-8153
Fire Fire Fire Department 781-286-0014
Health Health Health Department 781-286-8176
Inspectional Services Inspectional Services Inspectional Services
Mayor Mayor Mayor 781-286-8110
Purchasing Purchasing Purchasing 781-286-8157
Retirement Retirement Administrator Retirement 781-286-8173
Solicitor Solicitor Solicitor 781-286-8166
Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer 781-286-8136
Veterans Veterans Veterans 781-286-8119
Weights & Measure Weights & Measure Weights and Measures 781-286-8104
License Commission License Commission License Commission 781-286-8165