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Ashley E. Melnik, Clerk of Council

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Revere City Council to enable the public to fully participate in the governmental process, by researching and providing accurate information and services in a professional manner, allowing the council to make informed decisions affecting the quality of life of the citizens of Revere.

Water and Sewer Summit – February 2015


Dear Revere Residents:


The Revere City Council Sub-Committee on Public Works will be hosting a “Water and Sewer Summit” in February 2015.

 In preparation for the “Water and Sewer Summit”, the Public Works Sub-Committee members are soliciting questions from Revere residents relative to the City’s water and sewer remediation plan.

 Please submit your questions to by Wednesday, January 21, 2015 for consideration.

 As always, we appreciate the public’s input and look forward to our “Water and Sewer Summit” this coming February.

 Thank you,


Robert J. Haas, Jr., Chairman

Public Works Sub-Committee 


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